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inform - impart familiarity with some reality, condition or affairs, or occasion to; "I educated him of his rights"

hasn't risen. This use persists in speech, but in creating it appears generally in the representation of these kinds of speech or its deliberate imitation for influence.

lecture, communicate - deliver a lecture or discuss; "She is going to talk at Rutgers up coming 7 days"; "Did you at any time lecture at Harvard?"

learn - determine, learn, or identify with certainty, usually by creating an inquiry or other energy; "I desire to see no matter if she speaks French"; "See irrespective of whether it works"; "discover if he speaks Russian"; "Verify if the practice leaves by the due date"

It had been only soon after his Demise that she learned of his affair with Betty → Ce fut seulement après sa mort qu'elle apprit sa liaison avec Betty.

learned ˈlərnd also learnt ˈlərnt ; learning Young ones Definition of learn

learn′a•ble, adj. learn′er, n. syn: learn, uncover, ascertain, detect imply introducing to at least one's shop of knowledge or info. To learn is to return to find out by chance, or by study or other software: to learn of a buddy's Loss of life; to learn to ski. To find is to discover anything Formerly unseen or unknown; it implies the new info is astonishing to the learner: I found out they had been selling their dwelling.

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Really don't say that you 'learn another person a little something' or 'learn a person how you can learn chinese do a little something.' The phrase you use is teach.

capture up - learn belatedly; find out about something soon after it happened; "I am attempting to catch up with the latest developments in molecular biology"

Numerous descendants of camp survivors grew up with out learning concerning the camps because their families hardly ever reviewed it, no matter if away from shame, shame, or distressing Reminiscences linked to getting imprisoned. — Taylor Weik, Teen Vogue

them the art of constructing bargains — Washington Irving But by Mark Twain's time it had been receding to the speech form connected mainly While using the less educated. in no way accomplished very little for three months but set in his back again lawn and learn

obtaining or exhibiting terrific learning. a learned professor. geleerd مُثَقَّف، واسِع الإطِّلاع учен erudito učený bewandert lærd πολυμαθήςculto, erudito õpetatud فرهیخته oppinut savantמלומד विद्वान, पढे़ लिखे व्यक्तियों का समूह izučen, obrazovan tanult, tudós pandai lærður, menntaður colto, erudito 学識のある 학식이 있는 mokytas, mokslingas mācīts; izglītots berilmu geleerdlærduczony پوه او هوښيار erudito erudit учёный učený učen načitan lärd รอบรู้ çAlright bilgili, kültürlü 有學問的 учений, ерудований صاحب علم có học thức 有学问的

1a(1) : to achieve information or knowledge of or ability in by study, instruction, or expertise learn a trade learned to Engage in chess (2) : memorize learn the lines of a Perform b : to come to have the ability learn to dance c : to come to realize learned that honesty paid 2a nonstandard : teach b out of date : to tell of a thing three : to come back to find out : listen to we just learned that he was sick intransitive verb

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→ يَتَعَلَّمُ učit se lære lernen μαθαίνω aprender oppia apprendre učiti apprendere 学ぶ 배우다 leren lære nauczyć się aprender изучать lära (sig) เรียน öğrenmek học 学习

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